The used Hiace

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About the Japanese used cars, such as Hiace van, Hiace wagon and so on.

□ About the history of the Hiace van

HIACE was born in 1967(Showa 42 in Japan). The name was inspired by TOYOACE, combining the words “High (superior, high grade)” and “Ace(ace, best)”. The design concept was a cab-over vehicle smaller than the TOYOACE for regular/business use. (TOYOACE is a 1t truck.) (Cab-over vehicle refers to a vehicle with a cabin: the driver’s seat on top of the engine.) The name [HIACE] is a name used in the Toyota lineups for a long decade of time. The REGIUS was born in 1999(Heisei 11) . Back then, the HIACE100 model was available in ToyoPet stores.

The REGIUSACE model was created specifically for the Vista shops with minor changes made to the HIACE van model. (ToyoPet purchased Vista shop in 2004,(Heisei 16). Today, you can find these models in ToyoPet shops.) The name came from “REGIUS", which means “magnificent/spectacular” in Latin, and “ACE”.
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The HIACE is available in 3 models, the wagon, van, and commuter. On the other hand, the REGIUSACE only has the van model. The only difference between a HIACE van and a REGIUSACE is the emblem and the operator’s manual. Toyota HIACE was introduced in the 1960s as one of the first mini-vans. It was offered to the market as a smaller version of the TOYOACE truck. For decades,it was chosen by many drivers and became one of the most famous transporter vehicles in the Japanese market. Over the years, HIACE managed to maintain its popularity. Its popularity may be an understatement, due to the long history it has. It established the foundations of vans, wagons, and mini-vans in Japan. It’s not just a popular model, it is a long-seller in the Japanese automobile industry. HIACE is useful, practical, and stylish. Its cost effectiveness and durability keep its demand high in the used car industry. Even if the model is old and the mileage is high, it's not rare to see these cars being sold for a relatively high price.